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ABLAcademia Brasileira de Letras (Brazilian Academy of Letters)
ABLAirborne Laser
ABLAsset Based Lending
ABLAmerican Basketball League (defunct)
ABLAblative (grammatical case)
ABLA Beautiful Life (Lambertville, NJ)
ABLAtmospheric Boundary Layer
ABLAdvanced Business Language (software)
ABLAccidental Bowel Leakage
ABLAcuity Brands Lighting (various locations)
ABLAdvanced Blending
ABLAltavista Back Links
ABLAutomatic Brightness Limits
ABLAdult Baseball League (various locations)
ABLAction Based Learning (various organizations)
ABLAgrani Bank Limited (Bangladesh)
ABLAdult Basic Literacy (English as a Second Language)
ABLAbelson Murine Leukemia Viral Oncogene Homolog
ABLAllied Bank Limited (Pakistan)
ABLAlston & Bird LLP (law firm; various locations)
ABLA Bug's Life (movie)
ABLAbove the Law
ABLAbnormal Blood Lipids
ABLAbove Baseline
ABLAllocated Baseline
ABLActual Breaking Load (wires)
ABLAmbler, AK, USA (Airport Code)
ABLAutomatic Brightness Limiter
ABLArmored Box Launcher
ABLAllegheny Ballistics Laboratory
ABLA Behavior Language (reactive planning language)
ABLAmmunition Basic Load
ABLAccra Brewery Ltd. (Ghana)
ABLAmerican Boat Listing
ABLAdvanced Bimetallic Liner (RC airplane construction)
ABLATLAS Basic Language
ABLAlways Be Looting (gaming)
ABLArmée Belge Belgisch Léger
ABLAircraft Based Laser
ABLAllowable Buckling Load (transportation)
ABL2-Acetylbutyrolactone (chemical)
ABLAdvanced Baseline
ABLAssured Billing Lookup (Accudata)
ABLAdministrative Boundary Lines
ABLAdditional Bypass Linking
ABLAbove Base Line
ABLAddress Block Locator
ABLArbeitsgemeinschaft Bäuerliche Landwirtschaft eV (Germany)
ABLAtmospheric Burst Locator
ABLActive Badge Location
ABLAcquisition before Launch (US DoD)
ABLArmy Biological Labs (Frederick, MD)
ABLAutomatic Bootstrap Loader
ABLAs-Built List
ABLArea Business Listing
ABLAmaterska Bowling Liga (Amateur Bowling League)
ABLAutomated Base Locator System
ABLArmy Battle Laboratory
ABLAcquire Before Launch
ABLA Blockdiagram Language
ABLAccomplishment-Based Learning (Northern Vantage, Inc.)
ABLAtomic Boundary Layer
ABLAllocated/Above Baseline
ABLAluminum Barrier Layer (tube filling)
ABLAutomatic Brightness Current Limiter
ABLAdministration de Biens Laborde (French property management company)
ABLAssociation Bibliothèque Lorousaine (French: Lorousaine Library Association)
ABLAssistance Bureautique Logistique (French computer company)
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Junior Basketball Association (JBA) is also an American basketball league. "BBB Camp would not be possible without the help of Qatar National Tourism Corporation, Decathlon and W Hotel.
Expansion in football (American Football League (AFL), established in 1960), basketball (American Basketball League, established in 1967), and the National Hockey League (which doubled from six teams to twelve in 1966), led to a broader use of color in uniforms, for both marketing and identification purposes ("Basketball uniform history," n.
"Investing in sports is one of the best methods of promotion in Egypt and the world, so ZTE is considered one of the main sponsors for many European teams such as Seville in Spain and Borussia ME[micro]nchengladbach in Germany, in addition to more than five teams in the American Basketball League NBA.
He also played in the short-lived American Basketball League during more than a decade of professional basketball.
After Sharman retired from the Celtics in 1961, he briefly played and coached in the defunct American Basketball League. When he returned to coach the NBA's San Francisco Warriors in 1966, he began warming up his players for the evening's game with a morning shootaround, now standard procedure for most basketball teams.
The Philadelphia Sphasthe name came from the acronym for the South Philadelphia Hebrew Association, which sponsored the teamdominated early pro basketball, winning seven championships in 13 seasons with the American Basketball League in the 1930s and 1940s.
They were multi-sport athletes--they were good at tennis and volleyball also." (12) In addition to playing in the San Francisco recreational league, Chinese American girls also competed in a Chinese American basketball league sponsored by the Chinese Playground.
It took a couple of innovative pro leagues, the American Basketball League and its successor, the American Basketball Association, to make it part of the game, starting in the 1960s.
For a number of years, the preeminent Silicon Valley law firm Venture Law Group (VLG) represented the American Basketball League, competitor to the professional women's basketball league the WNBA, because it was a fun thing to do.
Its erstwhile rival, the American Basketball League, which chose to play in the same season as men--albeit in smaller arenas--and to pay the players relatively high (though hardly NBA-range) salaries, went bankrupt in its third season in 1998.
With the demise of the American Basketball League in 1998, less than two years after its creation, officials at the five-year-old WNBA know their survival depends on attracting more fans.
As the now-defunct American Basketball League's slogan stated, "Little girls need big girls to look up to." The talents and skills of Sheryl Swoopes are showcased in this work, and she is presented as a worthy role model for young basketball players.
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