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Using annual data collected from advertisements in the American Bee Journal, a beekeeping magazine, the researchers find no measureable increase in the prices of these bees after controlling for pre-existing trends.
Subscribe to one or both of the national magazines, The American Bee Journal or Bee Culture.
Kauffeld NM, Williams JL, Lehnert T and FE Moeller Nosema control in package bee production: fumigation with ethylene oxide and feeding with fumagilin American Bee Journal, 1972; 112: 297-299,301.
Contact between Laboratory Tests and Accumulation Behavior of Weight Gain in Field Colonies of Bees," American Bee Journal, 3: 93-95
The Apiary Inspectors of America, in a report published in the July 2007 issue of the American Bee Journal, said, "The apicultural industry has seen a dramatic decline in the number of honey bee colonies managed in the United States since the introduction of the honey bee tracheal mite and the Varroa mite in the 1980s.
Already, the imbalance between supply of almond blossoms and bees to pollinate them has driven the price of beehive rentals up - from $45 in 2004 to $80 in 2005 to as much as $140 to $150 per hive in 2006, according to the American Bee Journal.
Current methods are labor-intensive affairs performed by laboratory technicians using specialized equipment, says Pettis, whose bioassay approach will appear in the American Bee Journal.
In 1912, he retired and assumed editorship of the American Bee Journal, which has been published continually at Hamilton, Illinois, ever since.
In the May 2000 issue of the American Bee Journal, the two researchers published results of a survey in which they characterized mite-resistance levels in 83 breeder colonies managed by 8 commercial queen producers in California, Hawaii, Louisiana, Texas, and Virginia.
I began subscribing to the American Bee Journal about the same time.
To give yourself a broader view you need to read the American Bee Journal and Bee Culture.
The American Bee Journal, in which I write a monthly Q&A column, and Bee Culture, which is an excellent magazine.
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