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At least 10 universities across the country, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Princeton University, closed down their minority programs after receiving threats of lawsuits from the Center for Equal Opportunity and the American Civil Rights Institute. The Center for Equal Opportunity is headed by Linda Chavez, a conservative Mexican American political analyst once nominated for U.S.
The difference between those blacks who are realizing the promise of America and those who are not, says chairman Ward Connerly of the American Civil Rights Institute, is that the former are economically assimilating.
The Cooks' mission to end race-based quotas in public higher education soon became Connerly's and thrust him into the national spotlight - first as the dismantler of racial preferences at the University of California, then as the campaign chairman of the California Civil Rights Initiative, and now as chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute and American Civil Rights Coalition, organizations he founded to export California's colorblind constitutional clause to other states.
It also contains this kernel of truth: "[T] official categories often shed little light on policymaking," write Connerly and Gonzalez, the president of American Civil Rights Institute and a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, respectively.
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