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The first chapter's distracting references to present-day understandings of horse anatomy and behaviour, as well as imprecise and frequent references to "nineteenth-century people," or variations thereof, give way in subsequent chapters to a rich study of the horse's place in the building of American civilization.
Prager asserted that members of Congress might soon swear on copies of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf and called Ellison's decision "damaging to the fabric of American civilization.
To hear Hynes tell it, the modern religious right doesn't want to impose its values on anyone so much as it wants to defend those values against "a liberal Washington-Hollywood nexus that bookends American civilization.
James Campbell, the committee chairman and associate professor of American civilization, Africana studies and history, says the committee held passionate discussions over whether the school should apologize for its ties to slavery.
Before World War II, Bernard Fay (1893-1979) was decorated for bravery in Belgium and at Verdun in World War I, was a professor of French Literature at the University of Clermont-Ferrand and then filled the Chair of American Civilization at the College de France, and was known for his biographies of Benjamin Franklin and F.
I highly recommend this volume to anyone whose interests include American civilization, World War II, and the current debates of American social policy.
lecture series in the History of American Civilization.
When the Native American civilization and the European culture collide in Minneapolis, the Indians lose their land and almost their way of life.
American civilization, the experience of my nation through the past two centuries is rooted in Europe.
Now what has happened to the glorious American civilization that has brought us to the present phase when we see those despicable pictures of mistreated Iraqi prisoners?
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