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(17.) American College Health Association. American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment II: Canadian Consortium Reference Group Executive Summary Spring 2013.
Behavioral patterns represent the single most prominent domain of influence over health prospects for college students (American College Health Association, 2009).
According to the American College Health Association assessment of the University of Oregon from 2012, "Perception of regular alcohol usage is 21 percent higher than actual use."
Colleges and universities should consider implementing prematriculation immunization requirements similar to those recommended by the American College Health Association, including ensuring that students have documented receipt of 2 doses of MMR vaccine (2).
(7.) American College Health Association. National college health assessment II: reference group executive summary Fall 2010.
Furthermore, each year 10% of college students seriously consider suicide; 1.5% attempt suicide; and 1,100 commit suicide, making it the second leading cause of death among college students (American College Health Association, 2008; Suicide Prevention Resource Center, 2004).
In American samples, studies have found that only 35 to 42% of college students reported engaging in the minimum recommended amount of VPA (Adams et al., 2007; American College Health Association, 2006; Douglas et al., 1997).
Moreover, some plans offer limited networks of doctors and other health care providers, according to HHS, which proposed the new rules, in part, in response to requests from advocacy groups, such as the American College Health Association and the American Council on Education, for guidance on how colleges and universities should navigate the health reform legislation.
Social pressures, learning challenges, new study methods, a change in peer relationships, and, particularly, examinations, cause stress that can lead to an increased student dropout rate from institutions of higher education (American College Health Association [ACHA], 2007).
Para elaborar las preguntas se partio de las escalas existentes y de las utilizadas en otras investigaciones (American College Health Association, 2007; Forke et al., 2008; Gross et al., 2006; Munoz-Rivas, Andreu, Grana, OLeary y Gonzalez, 2007; Sears, Byers y Price, 2007; Smith et al., 2003; Whitaker et al., 2007).
(10) In addition, the 2008 American College Health Association TB testing guidelines now recommend the ELISA-based IGRA technology for international visitors studying in the United States.
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