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ACTPAmerican College Testing Program
ACTPAdobe Certified Training Providers
ACTPAdvanced Computer Technology Project
ACTPAssociation for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots
ACTPAdobe Certified Training Provider
ACTPAssociation des Clients des Transports Publics (Belgium)
ACTPAbrasion Cut Tear Puncture (glove safety ratings)
ACTPAnderson Consulting Technology Park
ACTPAdrenocorticotropic Polypeptide
ACTPAdvanced Computer Techniques Project
ACTPAdvanced Concepts & Technology Program
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American College Testing Program and Educational Testing Service.
Data (on the grid sheets) were sent to the American College Testing program offices in Iowa City, Iowa, for analysis.
American College Testing Program, Iowa City, Iowa, Research and Development Division, 1972.
The Educational Planning and Assessment System (EPAS) of the American College Testing Program consists of three testing programs: EXPLORE, PLAN, and the ACT Assessment Program (ACT).
The majority (67%) of new freshmen scored above the national American College Testing program (ACT) average score of 21, and 46% were in the top quartile of their high school classes.
Some 95% were conventional admissions, and 64% of the class scored about the national American College Testing Program assessment (ACT) average score of 21.
The dependent variable, the ExCET scores, and the independent variables of Texas Academic Skills Program scores (TASP), American College Testing Program scores, overall grade point average (GPA), Benchmark ExCET, and ExCET were considered.
This study was commissioned to investigate issues related to the inclusion of the American College Testing Program (ACT) assessment within the Colorado State Assessment Program (CSAP).
Data are drawn from the Scholastic Assessment Tests and the American College Testing program.
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