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ACISAdvanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer
ACISAccess Control Interlock System
ACISAcoustic Controlled Induction System
ACISAcademic Information Services
ACISAutomotive Competitiveness and Investment Scheme (Australia)
ACISAccounting/Computer Information Systems (various schools)
ACISAmerican Conference for Irish Studies
ACISAcademic Information Systems (IBM)
ACISAll Children in School (UN)
ACISApplied Climate Information System (US NOAA)
ACISAmerican Committee for Interoperable Systems
ACISAutomated Customs Information Service (Canada)
ACISAXAF CCD Imaging Spectrometer (now Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer)
ACISAircrew Integrated Systems
ACISAdvanced Control Indicator Set
ACISAcoustic Controlled Induction System (Toyota)
ACISAdvanced Cargo Information System
ACISAmerican Council for International Studies
ACISAdvanced Cellular Internet Service
ACISArms Control Intelligence Staff
ACISAmeritech Customer Information System
ACISAutomated Chemical Inventory System
ACISAssociate of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries
ACISAutomated Combat Information System
ACISArmy Command Information System
ACISAmphibious Command Information System
ACISArms Control Impact Statement
ACISArmament Control Indicator Set (AN/ASQ-165)
ACISAvionics/Crew Interface Simulator
ACISAirborne Combat Information System
ACISAssociation for Computing & Information Sciences
ACISActual Cubic Inches per Second
ACISAutomatic Customer/Caller Identification System (Sprint)
ACISAll Source Intelligence System
ACISAlan Grayer, Charles Lang, Ian Braid, Dick Sower (Solid Modeling CAD library)
ACISAvionics, Control & Information System
ACISAutomated Criminal Infractions System (North Carolina crime database)
ACISAirfone Customer Information System (billing system for Airfone)
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30) Four of the five teams came together to present their findings in international symposia--first in 1998 at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association in San Francisco and again in 2000 at the annual meeting of the American Conference for Irish Studies in Limerick.
Lee recount Maureen's beginnings as a student at SUNY Cortland, her achievements in the American Conference for Irish Studies, her work integrating the famine into the curriculum of New York State schools, and her contribution to the creation of the Irish Hunger Memorial in New York City.
BROWN, a member of the planning group that led to the American Conference for Irish Studies, died at 89 on October 23, 2009, in Massachusetts General Hospital.
Item: at the American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS) national conference hosted by Notre Dame University (2005), the home base of the journal Religion & Literature, only one of the 300 panels considered the topic of religion.
Other groups, such as the Committee for an Irish Forum based in Boston, the Committee for a New Ireland in Washington, the Irish Forum in San Francisco, the Dunfey Family Foundation in New Hampshire and the American Conference for Irish Studies, sponsored meetings and conferences designed to educate Americans about the complexities of the conflict and to reach out to the unionist and loyalist communities.
In 2005, only one paper on Bowen was delivered at the American Conference for Irish Studies annual meeting; this year, no fewer than 12 separate abstracts devoted to Bowen's fiction were submitted for consideration--more than for any other single author, including Joyce.
IN ADDRESSING American Conference for Irish Studies meeting several years ago, Professor T.
Beyond Borders has nothing to do with the recent conference by the American Conference for Irish Studies at Notre Dame titled "Ireland Beyond Borders.
The American Conference for Irish Studies was another beneficiary of John's generosity.
I had the privilege of meeting Edith Mary Johnston and learning of her project at the American Conference for Irish Studies in Dublin in 1987.
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