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Figures such as Kaufmann Kohler, rector of Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, and the American Council for Judaism were particularly vocal in their anti-Zionists sentiments.
Also linked to the CIA was the American Council for Judaism, an organization of anti-Zionist Jews led by Roosevelt's close friend, Rabbi Elmer Berger.
In America, the pro-Israel lobby achieved the upper hand over the American Friends of the Middle East and the American Council for Judaism.
This group included anti-Zionist Jews from the American council for Judaism, who, Wilford writes, "questioned Zionism's insistence on a distinct Jewish national identity, seeing it as a denial of their Americanism and an invitation to persecution by anti-Semites.
The headline is misleading: Rabbi Berger, a long-time leader of the American Council for Judaism and for many years America's most prominent Jewish critic of Zionism, was not "against Israel.
He also attacked the Lobby (AIPAC), over which he seems to prefer the moderate Jewish lobby group J Street, the Peace Now group, and the American Council for Judaism, which is opposed to Zionism and the establishment of a Jewish homeland.
The state was a stronghold of the anti-Zionist American Council for Judaism, but Jews supported Israel philanthropically.
Calling the American Council for Judaism (ACJ) "the most effective anti-Zionist and anti-Israeli force on the American scene," efforts were made to give them "much more attention.
A profile of the American Council for Judaism, which urges the separation of church and statechurch being the synagogue and the state being Israel.
Israel Shahak's vision can perhaps best be found in his books Jewish History, Jewish Religion (Pluto Press, 1994), and Jewish Fundamentalism In Israel (Pluto Press, 1994), written with Norton Mezvinsky, a professor of history at Central Connecticut State University and formerly a member of the staff of the American Council for Judaism.
The anti-Zionist American Council for Judaism enjoyed great support in the City by the Bay, while Jewish Republicans won election to the United States Congress.
In its latest bulletin, The American Council for Judaism has published a glowing account of Klemperer's journals and especially his pro-German and anti-Zionist position, as if to suggest that Klemperer, a convert to Christianity and a servant of the repressive east German communist regime, should serve as a model for Jews.
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