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ACLIAmerican Council of Life Insurers
ACLIAmerican Council of Life Insurance
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ACLIAnterior Cruciate Ligament Injury
ACLIAda Command Language Interpretation
ACLIAdministrative Command-Line Interface
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And at the American Council of Life Insurance, Ken Vest says that the industry group met recently "to set up the means to study various ideas on privatization," noting that a lot of insurance companies are in the business of managing annuities and 401 (k) plans, which could receive a steady flow of retirement money if Social Security is privatized.
Both the American Council of Life Insurance and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners are developing such programs.
When management of the American Council of Life Insurance decided to move from a mainframe system to a networked PC environment a year ago, Information Systems Director Phil O'Neal knew that virus protection had to be part of the plan.
Schweiker, president, American Council of Life Insurance, describes a component of the problem as "the fact that the annual writing of policy--new tax regulations every year--puts the whole economy in jeopardy."
The industry's commercial mortgage loan default rate now exceeds 23 percent and is still rising (from American Council of Life Insurance data, including delinquent, restructured and foreclosed loans).
The firm found that fewer loans are being foreclosed or restructured, after analyzing lending data provided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the American Council of Life Insurance (ACLI).
(Hundreds of Thousands) Ordinary Group Industrial Total 1960 8.734 3.734 12.287 24.755 1970 10.968 5.219 7.582 23.769 1980 14.750 11.379 2.878 29.007 1988 15.579 15.793 0.217 31.589 1989 14.694 15.110 0.156 29.960 1990 14.066 14.592 0.133 28.791 1991 13.471 16.230 0.112 29.813 Variable Variable Universal Universal Life Life Life 1983 0.178 1.185 - 1984 0.223 2.551 - 1985 0.186 3.545 0.101 1986 0.200 3.949 0.259 1987 0.205 3.726 0.410 1988 0.124 3.508 0.343 1989 0.074 3.437 0.320 1990 0.058 3.058 0.345 1991 0.105 2.659 0.329 Source: American Council of Life Insurance, 1992 Life Insurance Fact Book
Recent data from The American Council of Life Insurance for 1990 shows that GTLI in force in the U.S.
According to a New York Times article in the 1980s, "the life insurance industry as a whole limited its junk bond exposure to about 5 percent of assets." The American Council of Life Insurance reports that the industry has only about 20 percent of total assets allocated to real estate investment, and of this amount, only 3.25 percent - 0.6 percent of total assets - are non-performing (i.e., where the prindpal or interest payments are more than 90 days overdue).
Officials of Indiana insurance companies seem to agree with the American Council of Life insurance's contention that the life insurance industry is not facing a crisis.
For more details on life insurance history, see 1988 Life Insurance Fact Book (Washington, American Council of Life Insurance, 1988).
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