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ACDHA-Chain Deficit Hypothesis (linguistics)
ACDHAmerican Cream Draft Horse (horse breed)
ACDHAttitude Control and Data Handling (Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems)
ACDHAllen County Department of Health (Indiana)
ACDH3-Hydroxy-Acyl-CoA (Coenzyme A)-Dehydrogenase (enzyme)
ACDH"Acquired" Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia
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Nilson from Masrud Farm in Petersham brushes an American cream draft horse as the horse stays close to her 2-week-old colt.
We have laws to protect the spotted owl but nothing to protect the fewer than 200 Florida Cracker cattle, American Cream draft horses, or red wattle hogs registered in this country each year, all breeds originating right here in America.
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