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ADPAAccredited Domestic Partnership Advisor (financial planner certification)
ADPAAmerican Defense Preparedness Association (now part of NDIA)
ADPAAfrican Diamond Producers Association
ADPAAdipic Acid
ADPAAsymmetrical Doherty Power Amplifier
ADPAAuto Detecting Parallel Architecture (digital sensors)
ADPAAction pour le Developpement en Afrique
ADPAAirlock Depressurization Pump Assembly
ADPAAdvanced Diploma of Performing Arts
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Since 1992, when the organization was still the American Defense Preparedness Association, through its transformation into NDIA, he piloted membership growth in concert with the rise of the association's stature in the national security community.
The sponsor of the conference, the American Defense Preparedness Association, was at the time sponsoring other conferences with such names as "Enhancing the Individual Warrior," "Undersea Warfare," and "Bomb and Warhead.
He is a past member of the board of directors of the Capitol Club of AOC and the Executive Board of the American Defense Preparedness Association (Combat Survivability).
Other awards included the 1959 American Society of Naval Engineers Gold Medal; the Silver Medal of the Societe de Geographie, Paris; the 1985 Royal Institute of Navigation's Bronze Medal; and the Silver Busnell Award from the American Defense Preparedness Association in 1993.
The American Defense Preparedness Association is an organization of largely retired military officers that works to help them make the transition to civilian life and jobs.
Breast, US Space Command's Director of Operations, told attendees of a recent symposium, sponsored by the American Defense Preparedness Association, that tactical advantages gained by employing SBWAS will be significant regardless of what promising technology is selected.
Eicher served for many years as vice president for technical and managerial advisory services for the American Defense Preparedness Association, NDIA's forerunner.
The sponsor of the Los Angeles conference is the American Defense Preparedness Association.
The ongoing efforts to expand NDIA by affiliating with other groups began in the mid-1990s, when one of our heritage associations, the American Defense Preparedness Association (ADPA), took on its first affiliate--the National Training Systems Association (NTSA).
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