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AMFSOCAmerican Fisheries Society
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Bethesda, MD and Seattle, WA: American Fisheries Society and University of Washington Press.
The American Fisheries Society must approve the suggested scientific name for it to take effect.
From: Some General Remarks on Fishing for Sport, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, 1910.
American Fisheries Society, North Central Division, Special Publication 5, Bethesda, Maryland.
The site reported that on June 27, 2011, the Western Division of the American Fisheries Society voted overwhelmingly in support of a resolution stating that the four Lower Snake Dams constituted a significant threat to the continued existence of wild Snake River salmon.
American Fisheries Society Special Publication 26: 1-509.
Some 1,500 delegates from 80 countries participated in the conference organised by the American Fisheries Society and focusing on the theme of "Reconciling Fisheries with Conservation: The Challenge of Managing Aquatic Ecosystemso.
2) American Fisheries Society, Marine Fisheries Section, "Statement on North Atlantic Swordfish," <www.
A consensus of concern formed at last summer's meeting of the American Fisheries Society, during a special symposium where researchers compared notes about a changing climate's impacts on fisheries.
In mid 1903, during, the annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society, AFS members, U.
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