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AFPCAir Force Personnel Center
AFPCAlliance de la Fonction Publique du Canada (Public Service Alliance of Canada; union)
AFPCAmerican Foreign Policy Council
AFPCAustralian Fair Pay Commission (est. 2006)
AFPCAssociation Française des Professeurs de Chinois (French: French Association of Chinese Teachers; est. 1984)
AFPCAdvanced Financial Planning Certificate
AFPCAssociation Française du Poney Connemara (French: French Connemara Pony Association)
AFPCAssociation Française de Prévention des Comportements sur la Route (French road safety association)
AFPCAssociation Française pour la Construction (French: French Construction Association)
AFPCAssociation pour la Formation Professionnelle Continue (French: Association for Continuing Vocational Training)
AFPCAssociation Française de Psychologie Communautaire (French: French Association of Community Psychology)
AFPCAir Force Personnel Council
AFPCAssociation Française des Petits Camélidés (French: French Association of Small Camels)
AFPCAssociation Française de Pédagogie Conductive (French: French Association for Conductive Pedagogy)
AFPCAssociation of Faculties of Pharmacy in Canada
AFPCAdaptive Fuzzy Power Control
AFPCArmed Forces Policy Committee/Council
AFPCAmbassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation
AFPCAdvanced Function Presentation Consortium
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"A lot of these capabilities are fluid," said the American Foreign Policy Council's Berman, who has testified to Congress on the issue.
Ilan Berman, vice president for policy at the American Foreign Policy Council, regretted that "energy is not viewed through a national security prism.
"The growing dependence of the United States on gas has the potential to alter its political dialogue with Russia, a country whose 28 percent share of global natural gas reserves is made more significant by the instability of the other leading exporters, including Iran and Saudi Arabia," wrote Artem Agoulnik of the American Foreign Policy Council in an October 20 Washington Post column.
On December 1, 1992 - again, late in the Bush term - the agency approved a $129,900 contract for the American Foreign Policy Council to conduct an exchange of congressional staff between Russia and the United States.
Haas, former communications director for Vice President Al Gore, is a senior fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council and author of "Sound the Trumpet: The United States and Human Rights Promotion."
I am also pleased to announce that Matthew RJ Brodsky, a former Legacy Heritage Fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council, has been named director of policy at the Jewish Policy Center.
"Today, the United States faces no greater foreign threat than that from the Islamic Republic of Iran." The contributors of the eight essays collected here by Berman (vice president for policy, American Foreign Policy Council) all seem to agree with that assessment from former Homeland Security Director Thomas Ridge and hence propose a number of aggressive measures that can be taken to confront that threat.
"About eighty percent of the munitions used in the strike on Baghdad were precision-guided weapons that rely on GPS signals to hit their targets," observed Kyle Parker, Russia Program Director for the American Foreign Policy Council, in an interview with THE NEW AMERICAN.
This neoconservative tract by Berman (vice president and director of the Iran Freedom Initiative at the American Foreign Policy Council) predictably depicts Iran as a "growing menace" to the United States.
American Foreign Policy Council conference on U.S.-European Relations (2004)
This volume contains six presentations from a conference convened by the American Foreign Policy Council on the problem of preventing the financing of terrorism.
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