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AHTAnti-Human Trafficking
AHTApple Hardware Test (software)
AHTAmerican Hairless Terrier (dog breed)
AHTApplied Heat Transfer (New York)
AHTAnimal Health Trust (Suffolk, England)
AHTApple Hardware Test
AHTAtm Header Translator
AHTAbiadura Handiko Trenaren (Basque: High Speed Train)
AHTAnonymous HIV Testing
AHTAverage Handle Time
AHTAnchor Handling Tug (offshore rig support vessel)
AHTAverage Handling Time
AHTAntihypertensive (pharmaceuticals)
AHTAnimal Health Technician
AHTAfter Hours Trading
AHTArterial Hypertension
AHTAsociación de Hoteles de Turismo de la República Argentina (Spanish)
AHTAquí Hay Tomate (Spanish TV program)
AHTAnimal Health Technologist
AHTAverage Holding Time
AHTAlternating Hypertropia (ophthalmology)
AHTArmy Headquarters Transformation (US Army)
AHTAfrican Human Trypanosomiasis
AHTArabian Horse Trust
AHTAcute Head Trauma
AHTAurélie Habasque-Tobie (French artist)
AHTAcoustic Homing Torpedo
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Ohio-based Nina Fetter is also showing eight dogs -- running the gamut in size, shape and coiffure from the American Hairless Terrier to the Komondor, whose mop-like, all-white coat is a reliable scene-stealer.
Prior to the addition of these two breeds, the last time the AKC recognized any new breeds was in 2016 with the addition of the Sloughi, Pumi and the American Hairless Terrier.
So, yes, apparently New York barbecue is now a recognized regional variant, the way the American Hairless Terrier is now accepted as a canonical dog breed by the American Kennel Club.
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