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AHRAmerican Historical Review (Journal of the American History Association)
AHRAryl Hydrocarbon Receptor
AHRAddress High Register
AHRAustralian Health Review (Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association)
AHRAdjusted Hazard Ratio
AHRAssisted Human Reproduction
AHRairway hyper-responsiveness
AHRAcademic Human Resources (various organizations)
AHRActive Head Restraint
AHRAdvancing Human Rights (New York, NY)
AHRAverage Hull Roughness (sailing)
AHRAir-Conditioning Heating Refrigeration
AHRAverage Heart Rate
AHRAlt.healing.reiki (Usenet newsgroup)
AHRAmerican Haflinger Registry (Akron, OH, USA)
AHRArtists for Human Rights (Calabasas, CA)
AHRAviemore Highland Resort, Ltd. (Scotland, UK)
AHRAqueous Homogeneous Reactor
AHRAcceptable Hazard Rate
AHRAbsorptive Heat Recovery
AHRAd Hoc Router
AHRAfter Heat Removal
AHRAttack Helicopter Regiment
AHRAssociation for Health Records
AHRAccumulated Hazard Rate
AHRArchives de l'Histoire Rurale (French: Archives of Rural History; Switzerland)
AHRApplied Horticultural Research
AHRAdvanced Hawkeye Radar
AHRAltantic Ham Radio Ltd.
AHRAvenir et Histoire des Recycleurs (French: Future and History of Recyclers)
AHRAtelier Hautes Résolutions (French: High Resolution Workshop)
AHRAfter Honeymoon Reception
AHRAcademy of Human Rights
AHRAsset Health Review
AHRAndrew Hayes Racing (kart racing team)
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The American Historical Review wrote that it would remain the definitive study of this period of Soviet history for the foreseeable future.
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