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AIHMAvrupa Insan Haklari Mahkemesi
AIHMAustralian Institute of Holistic Medicine (Western Australia)
AIHMAmerican Indian Heritage Month
AIHMAccredited Member of the Institute of Housing Management (Ontario, Canada)
AIHMAssociation for Improved Healthcare on Maui (Maui, HI)
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This year as we celebrate Thanksgiving and National American Indian Heritage Month, the editors and authors of this special section hope that readers across the nation will be inspired to break out of the traditional mode and find new and exciting ways to bring Indian education into their classrooms, schools, and communities.
As we celebrate American Indian Heritage Month, let's not box up the wonderful things tribal institutions have done in education in one month, but understand the work of Tribal Colleges and Universities should be celebrated 365 days a year.
Bush approved a resolution that marked November as National American Indian Heritage Month, that a nationally recognized month in honor of American Indians came about.
During November, the federal government recognizes the contributions of American Indians as part of American Indian Heritage Month.
The Wind River exhibit opened last November to coincide with American Indian Heritage Month and it included numerous demonstrations such as hide-painting, beadworking and basket-making, along with traditional entertainment.
You can celebrate National American Indian Heritage Month by learning more about the first peoples of the western hemisphere.
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