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AIISAmerican Institute of Indian Studies
AIISAmerican Institute for International Steel
AIISAmerican Institute of International Studies (California)
AIISAnterior Inferior Iliac Spine
AIISAutomated Issue Identification System
AIISAutomated Information Infrastructure System
AIISArtificial Intelligence Software Agent
AIISAmeritec Information Industry Services
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However, we learnt that, over years, the Cambridge University, American Institute of Indian Studies and Alkazi Foundation had purchased or shared some.
Ramamohan Rao and renowned scholar and Director of American Institute of Indian studies Dr.
Introducing Moily's book, American Institute of Indian Studies Director Purushothama Bilimale said: "This epic is an intense search for an equality in a democratic setup and has various dimensions such as search for social equality, economic equality, political equality and gender equality.
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