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56) In contrast, by 1945, the American Jewish Year Book noted the existence of some 875 Orthodox rabbis, as well as 301 members of the Conservative Rabbinical Assembly--or almost six times as many non-Reform rabbis for about 4.
American Jewish Year Book 27 (1925-26): 425-426; see Gardner, The Qualities of a Citizen, 130, note 22.
In a recent year, according to the 2007 American Jewish Year Book, the JFMD raised more money than any of the 55 other Jewish Federations in the country, "with about $35,000,000 being raised from approximately 30,000 households.
2 percent of the US population is Jewish, according to American Jewish Year Book statistics.
American Jewish Year Book, 36 (September to, 1934-September 27, 1935): 428-430.
Cyrus Adler, "Louis Marshall: A Biographical Sketch," American Jewish Year Book 32 (1930-1931): 23-24; Reznikoff, Louis Marshall, Champion of Liberty, xi, 8.
trustee and editor (with Henrietta Szold) of the American Jewish Year Book presented the following recommendation: "The Board of Trustees recommends that the Society agree to assume charge of the publication and distribution of the volume to commemorate the two hundredth and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of the Jews in America, and that a Committee of Five, of whom the President shall be one, be appointed by the President of the Society, to co-operate with other Committee appointed for the purpose.
His sample consists of 490 places throughout the United States that in 1927 had, according to the American Jewish Year Book, more than 100, but fewer than 1000, Jews.
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For Jewish population, 1927: American Jewish Year Book 30 (1918-29), pp.
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