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AJPHYSICSAmerican Journal of Physics
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Lee, "The Search for Elementary Particles with Fractional Electric Charge and the Philosophy of Speculative Experiments," American Journal of Physics 65, no.
Direct determination of the speed of light as a general Physics Laboratory experiment", American Journal of Physics, Vol.
He also was the film editor for the American Journal of Physics (1969-1975).
The study will be published in the American Journal of Physics.
Cross reports in the September American Journal of Physics that a higher-frequency wave pattern, which shrinks to zero at a nearby point, is also a sweet spot.
Learning Motion Concepts Using Real-time Microcomputer-based Laboratory Tools," American Journal of Physics, Vol.
The study was published in the American Journal of Physics.
Zanotto reports his finding in the May American Journal of Physics.
reviews some of the arguments against pressure melting as the cause of the low friction encountered in ice skating and snow skiing in the October American Journal of Physics.
Papers about the toy's perplexing movements had appeared in NATURE, PHYSICA, the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, and elsewhere.
The researchers describe their results in the January AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS.
Results from the Cornell poetry week, described in the September AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS and the October ENGLISH EDUCATION, challenge some common assumptions about the differences between the humanities and the sciences.
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