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AJPAmerican Journal of Psychiatry
AJPAmerican Journal of Pathology
AJPAmerican Journal of Physiology
AJPApache JServ Protocol
AJPAmerican Journal of Philology
AJPApplied Jewelry Professional (trademark of Gemological Institute of America, Inc.)
AJPAccredited Jewelry Professional
AJPAmerican Journal of Psychotherapy
AJPArtistic Judaic Promotions (est. 1995)
AJPAssociation des Journalistes Professionnels (Belgium)
AJPAccess to Justice Project (various organizations)
AJPAllied Joint Publication
AJPAustralian Journal of Pharmacy
AJPAccess to Justice Programme (various organizations)
AJPAssociation des Journalistes du Patrimoine (French: Association of Heritage Journalists)
AJPAudio Jack Panel (various companies)
AJPAttention Japan Products, Ltd. (Japan)
AJPAlien Jazz Party (London, UK)
AJPArab-Jewish Partnership
AJPArabtech Jardaneh Palestine
AJPAsian Journal of Psychiatry (Official Journal of the Asian Federation of Psychiatric Associations)
AJPAboriginal Justice Plan (Australia)
AJPAssociation Jeunesse Plainfinoise (French youth association)
AJPAction Jeu Paintball (French paintball equipment retailer)
AJPAdvanced Joint Planning ACTD
AJPAl (Melling) John (Ravenscroft) Peter (Wheeler) TVR Engine
AJPAssociation Jeunesse Populaire (French)
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