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AJPHAmerican Journal of Public Health
AJPHAmerican Journal of Psychiatry (Arlington, VA)
AJPHAmerican Journal of Philology
AJPHAustralian Journal of Politics and History (Wiley-Blackwell publication)
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Your relationships with your siblings may affect your mental health, says a study in The American Journal of Psychiatry. Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston followed 229 men for 30 years, from about age 20 through 50, surveying them on their childhood closeness with siblings, the quality of parenting they encountered, family history of depression, and whether they'd developed depression by age 50.
In the American Journal of Psychiatry he said that symptoms included feelings of withdrawal when a computer cannot be accessed, an increased need for better equipment, the need for more time to use it and negative repercussions of addiction, such as arguments, lying, social isolation and fatigue.
Each of the 13 practice guidelines presented in this compendium has been published in The American Journal of Psychiatry. The guideline on acute stress disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder is new since the publication of the previous compendium, and three guidelines are revisions.
Benbenishty, "The Role of Proximity, Immediacy, and Expectancy in Frontline Treatment of Combat Stress Reaction Among Israelis in the Lebanon War," American Journal of Psychiatry 143 (1986): 613-617.
A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry purports to locate one of the genes that contribute to autism.
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More disconcerting than the "content" is the madhouse nature of the installation, which appropriates its title from a 1968 pitch found in the pages of the American Journal of Psychiatry. Once you enter the room, which is as brightly lit as the most radiant Claritin ad, the door shuts automatically behind you; there is no handle on the inside.
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