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AJSAdministration of Justice and Security
AJSAngus and Julia Stone (band)
AJSAmerican Judicature Society
AJSAmerican Journal of Sociology
AJSAssociation for Jewish Studies
AJSAssociação Japonesa de Santos (Portuguese: Japanese Association of Santos; Brazil)
AJSAmericans for Job Security
AJSAmerican Journal of Surgery
AJSAll Japan Supermarket Association
AJSAdministration of Justice Studies
AJSAJ Stevens (motorcycles)
AJSAmerica-Japan Society
AJSAin-Jura Sécurité (French security firm)
AJSAssociation Jeunesse Solide (French: Solid Youth Association; Burkina Faso)
AJSAsian Jade Society (New York, NY)
AJSAboriginal Justice Society (Canada)
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