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ALECAlternate Local Exchange Carrier
ALECAmerican Legislative Exchange Council
ALECAlternative Local Exchange Carrier
ALECAmerican Legislative Executive Council (political group)
ALECAuthorized Linux Education Center
ALECAbbott Laboratories Employees Credit Union
ALECArizona Law and Education Center (est. 2005)
ALECAutomated Labor and Equipment Card
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Newly elected conservative lawmakers drew on "model legislation" concocted by pro-corporate, rightwing groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).
Senator Dunne said he sees the tide beginning to turn as state organizations like the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (COIL), the Eastern Regional Conference of the Council of State Governments and the American Legislative Exchange Council adopt resolutions opposing any modifications to McCarran-Ferguson and affirming the exclusivity of state insurance data collection.
In the War on Coal article, Todd Wynn of the American Legislative Exchange Council makes some very good points about the rising cost of energy and who will pay the most.
com announced last month that it was ending its affiliation with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative political group.
While the Mercatus Center styles itself as "the world's premier university source for market-oriented ideas," it is primarily funded by the Koch family, which funds conservative groups, including the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) that promotes the passage of laws aimed at suppressing voter registration in Florida, and "stand your ground" policies.
But the NRA used a waiting vehicle: the American Legislative Exchange Council.
2 at Celebration Church, jointly sponsored by the Louisiana Family Forum, the American Legislative Exchange Council, an association of conservative legislators, and the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, a new enterprise for evangelical thinker and writer Colson.
Christine Herrera, who tracks health care issues for the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council, says similar bills are being considered in at least five more states.
The American Legislative Exchange Council recently released its 2009 "Rich States Poor States" report ranking the economic potential of all the states.
This poll was released jointly by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, Cascade Policy Institute, American Legislative Exchange Council, Black Alliance for Educational Options, Children's Scholarship Fund--Portland, Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options, Northwest Professional Educators, and Oregon Education Tax Credit Coalition.
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