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ALPAlpine (Amtrak station code; Alpine, TX)
ALPAir (Low Pressure)
ALPAustralian Labor Party
ALPAccess Linux Platform (operating system)
ALPAlkaline Phosphatase
ALPAirport Layout Plan
ALPAfghan Local Police (Afghanistan)
ALPAmerican Language Program (various schools)
ALPApple List Price
ALPAutomatic Language Processing
ALPAccount Lockout Policy
ALPAuto Long Play
ALPAccount Login Password
ALPAccelerated Leadership Program (various organizations)
ALPAIDS Law Project
ALPAmerican Life Panel (Internet panel)
ALPAntigua Labour Party
ALPAccelerated Learning Program
ALPAlien Loves Predator (webcomic)
ALPAppliance Link Protocol (Sun Microsystems)
ALPAdvanced Lighting Package (Energy Star)
ALPAmerican Labor Party
ALPAutonomous Lan Party (software)
ALPAbductive Logic Programming (computing)
ALPAssociation for Logic Programming
ALPÀ La Prochaine
ALPAdvanced Learning Platform (Intelladon)
ALPAssisted Learning Program (various locations)
ALPAmerican Liberalism Project
ALPAlternative Licensing Process
ALPAlpha Wire (Sprint)
ALPAnemometer Loan Program (various organizations)
ALPAdvanced Logistics Program
ALPAlberta Liberal Party (Canadian Political Party)
ALPArea Lighting Panel
ALPActive Local Pages (software)
ALPApplication Layer Protocol (software development)
ALPAssembly Language Program
ALPActive Lifestyle Program
ALPAlternative Learning Programs
ALPAcceptable Level of Performance
ALPAviation Leadership Program
ALPAdult Learner Programs (various universities)
ALPAquileia Linux Project (Italy)
ALPAdvanced Logistics Project (DARPA)
ALPApplied Linguistics Program (Philippines)
ALPAlternative Licensing Procedure
ALPAcute Lead Poisoning (gunshot wound, EMS slang)
ALPAleppo, Syria - Nejrab (Airport Code)
ALPArizona Libertarian Party (political group)
ALPArticulated Loading Platform
ALPProgramme for the Advancement of Librarianship
ALPAllied Logistic Publication (US DoD)
ALPA Little Poetry (online poetry journal)
ALPAir Liaison Party
ALPAdvanced Language Program
ALPApproval for Limited Production
ALPAbstract Local Primitive
ALPAddress Lookup Protocol (Blackberry)
ALPAmerican Law of Property
ALPArithmetic Logic Processor
ALPAnnualized Life Premium
ALPAcadémie Lyonnaise de Peinture (French: Lyon Academy of Painting; Lyon, France)
ALPAdvanced Logistics Planning
ALPAutomated Learning Process
ALPAssembly Language Preprocessor
ALPAmbulance Loading Post
ALPAnnual Leave Payoff
ALPAmplicon Length Polymorphism
ALPAuxiliary Line Printer
ALPAccelerated Language Program
ALPAfrican Linkage Project (Washington, DC)
ALPArmy Long Range Plan (US Army)
ALPAdaptive Link-State Protocol
ALPAlberta Power, Limited
ALPAdvanced Liquid Pumps
ALPAlternate Light Photography
ALPAgricultural Laboratory Proficiency Program
ALPApproval for Low-Rate Production
ALPAir-Launched Platform
ALPAmerican Law Publishing
ALPAccount-Level Product
ALPAutomatic Life Preserver
ALPATM Layer Processor
ALPAutomated Library Program
ALPAnalyst Language Processor
ALPAcquisition Logistics Portrayal
ALPAutomated Logistics Planner/Planning
ALPAdvance Local Control Unit Peripheral
ALPAdams-Lax-Phillips (algebra theorem)
ALPAdvance Launch Control Unit Peripheral
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The researchers administered an online questionnaire to 3,850 people in late 2015 as part of the RAND American Life Panel. The survey was similar to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Contingent Work Survey, which was last conducted in 2005.
To estimate the prevalence of these two biases, the authors use data from two online surveys, the RAND American Life Panel and the Understanding America Study.
The researchers used data from the American Life Panel, an online survey that has been administered to several thousand adult Americans by the RAND Corporation, a policy research nonprofit.
Buying a company stock usually provides a safer return than a stock mutual fund." This question and others are asked to people age 18 and older in the Rand American Life Panel. In response to the aforementioned question, respondents can choose "true," "false," or "don't know." Only 71.4 percent of people answered "false," the correct answer, and 24.5 percent indicated they did not know.
The authors surveyed participants in the RAND American Life Panel data, and focus their analysis on the 2,400 respondents between the ages of 40 and 70.
The program was tested through a field experiment using the RAND American Life Panel (ALP).
Jonathon Schuldt at University of Michigan and his colleagues conducted a question wording experiment in the American Life Panel, an online survey conducted by RAND, with a national sample of 2,267 U.S.
To test the effect of these frames on expected claiming behavior, the authors fielded a survey through the RAND American Life Panel, a sample of roughly 3,000 households who are regularly interviewed over the Internet.
In "Effects of the Financial Crisis and Great Recession on American Households" (NBER Working Paper 16407), researchers Michael Hurd and Susann Rohwedder take up this question using data from a series of surveys developed for this specific purpose and fielded in the American Life Panel (ALP).
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