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In her article, she urged that all school children receive extensive exposure to the best books, which she defined as those having "distinction" and vigor." Probably not coincidentally, the first quality echoed the literary excellence criterion of the Newbery Medal ("the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children"), while the second reflected Certain's call for "books of great vigor" (Arbuthnot, 1940, pp.
What's missing in this collection is only what's missing in most American literature for children until very recently: the appeal to imagination and to the sense of beauty.
It crowns the jewels of African American literature for children and young adults, and rightly so: named for one of the world's most regal women with the most noble of causes, the Coretta Scott King Award (CSK) will be presented in June for the 35th year by the prestigious American Library Association (ALA) at its annual conference in Orlando, Florida.
One of these is a list of award-winning books on black experience; another lists publishers of African American literature for children; and a third presents bookstores and distributors (about 90 of them) from coast to coast.
you in choosing Native American literature for children and young adults:
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