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AMIFAmerican Meat Institute Foundation
AMIFAustralian Motor Industry Federation (est. 2011)
AMIFAustralian Marine Industries Federation (boating)
AMIFAssociation des Médecins Israélites de France
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AMIFApplied Mathematics for Industrial Flows (conference)
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The American Meat Institute Foundation (AMIF) has added six new videos to its "Ask the Meat Science Guy" consumer education video series.
The American Meat Institute Foundation issued a statement, which points out, that the study published in The Lancet also indicates that infectivity transfer from cattle to humans could be seven to 20 times lower than cattle-to-cattle transmission through ingestion of the BSE agent.
The American Meat Institute Foundation (AMIF) and the National Meat Association last week hosted a briefing here to confront the challenge E.
American Meat Institute Foundation Vice President Randy Huffman noted that the JAMA data "continue to support the fact that the relationship between diet and cancer is a complex relationship and that it is difficult--if not impossible--to isolate one factor from another.
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