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AMDAAmerican Medical Directors Association
AMDAAcid Maltase Deficiency Association
AMDAAssociation of Medical Doctors of Asia (Nepal)
AMDAAmerican Musical Dramatic Academy
AMDAAutomated Microarray Data Analysis
AMDAAssociation of Medical Doctors for Asia
AMDAAutomated Multi-Dataset Analysis
AMDAAmerican Metal Detecting Association
AMDAAmerican Machinery Dealers Association
AMDAAmerican Metaphysical Doctors Association
AMDAArizona Mule Deer Association
AMDAAutomatic Meta Data Assignment
AMDAACTS Mobile Domain Assembly
AMDAAcceptable Minimum Detectable Activity
AMDAAsset Management and Disposition Agreement (US FDIC)
AMDAAustrian Medical Doctors Association
AMDAAsian Model Driven Architecture
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American Medical Directors Association, "Dear Medical Director" (June 18, 2012), available at: http://www.
He chaired the interdisciplinary working group that created the new clinical practice guidelines "Transitions of Care in the Long-Term Care Continuum" for the American Medical Directors Association, with participants from the American Medical Association, the American Geriatrics Society, and other organizations.
Columbia, Md: American Medical Directors Association (AMDA); 2002.
American Medical Directors Association Annual Symposium 2007 Hollywood, FL www.
He is currently Director of the American Medical Directors Association Foundation Long Term Care Research Network and Chair of the AMDA Clinical Practice Guideline Steering Committee.
This leads to another literature review, published online in the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, which may prove to be deflating for some eldercare professionals Two researchers from IPC The Hospitalist Company reviewed randomized controlled trials on fall prevention programs for older adults conducted between 2000 to 2009, finding them to be effective in only a 9 percent overall reduction of fall rates.
Shinya Ishii and associates reported in a prize-winning poster presentation at the annual meeting of the American Medical Directors Association.
SALT LAKE CITY -- Even among nursing home residents receiving substantial vitamin D supplements, half or more show deficiencies in the nutrient, according to two separate posters presented at the annual symposium of the American Medical Directors Association.
The American Medical Directors Association (AMDA), which represents nursing facility practitioners, has approved the bill's concepts in principle.
This is according to a survey conducted by the American Medical Directors Association (AMDA), an AMDA press release stated.
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