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During an interview published in the October 27 American Medical News, Dr.
* American Medical Association, Chicago, American Medical News;
In early 2000, health officials at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Medical Association reported that immigrants accounted for nearly 42 percent of the tuberculosis (TB) cases reported nationwide, although this group represents only 10 percent of the total population, according to Deborah Shelton of American Medical News. That percentage is even higher in some locations.
Whatever answer you pick, you will find "scientific" evidence supporting your guesstimate in an article in American Medical News.
EACH YEAR therapeutic drug use kills as many as i98,815 people, places 8.8 more in hospitals, accounts for 28% of all hospital admissions, and costs as much as $182 billion (American Medical News, 1996).
Katherine Christoffel, head of the Handgun Epidemic Lowering Plan, a group that has received CDC support, stated this assumption plainly in a 1994 interview with American Medical News: "Guns are a virus that must be eradicated....
Ron Fitzsimmons, whose organization represents more than 200 independently owned abortion clinics, said in an interview in the March 3 issue of American Medical News that abortion supporters used "spins" and "half-truths" in the debate that ultimately led Congress to fail to override President Clinton's veto of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act.
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