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In From Hill Town to Strieby, she provides extensive research documentation on the Reconstruction-era community of Hill Town, that would become known as Strieby, and the American Missionary Association affiliated church and school that would serve both Hill Town and Lassiter Mill.
Education and the American Missionary Association in the Uwharrie "Back Country" of Randolph County, North Carolina
Fisk, recruited to be an assistant commissioner of the Freedmen's Bureau in charge of Kentucky and Tennessee, worked with the American Missionary Association (AMA) to establish a school there.
His Truth Is Marching On: African Americans Who Taught the Freedmen for the American Missionary Association, 1861-1877.
Christian Reconstruction: The American Missionary Association and Southern Blacks, 1861-1890.
Richardson (Florida State University, Jacksonville) is best known for documenting the philanthropic efforts of the American Missionary Association (AMA), a nineteenth-century missionary society loosely associated with the Congregational Church chiefly known for its educational and religious efforts among African Americans in the post-slavery South.
The American Missionary Association was established in 1846 to protest the silence of missionary societies on the subject of slavery.
74) On June 14, 1920, a contract was drawn up between the Montgomery Industrial School and the American Missionary Association concerning annuities to be provided to Alice White and Margaret Beard for the remainder of their lives.
It was founded by the American Missionary Association for the education of freed blacks after the Civil War ended.
Race, Social Reform, and the Making of a Middle Class: The American Missionary Association and Black Atlanta, 1870-1900.
Tichenor later recounted the conversion of Islands in an address before the American Missionary Association.
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