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AMISAfrican Union Mission in Sudan
AMISAmerican Musical Instrument Society (est. 1971)
AMISAudio Message Interface Specification
AMISAudio Messaging Interchange Specification (for enhanced messaging systems like voicemail)
AMISAmistad National Recreation Area (US National Park Service)
AMISAsociación Mexicana de Instituciones de Seguros (Mexican Insurers’ Association)
AMISAustralian Maritime Identification System
AMISAssociation for Music in International Schools
AMISAsset Management Information System
AMISAutomated Management Information System
AMISAsset Management Improvement Service (MCP Consulting and Training; UK)
AMISAvailability Management Information System
AMISAudio Message Interface Standard
AMISAgricultural Market Information System (Bulgaria)
AMISHealthy Cities Air Management Information System (World Health Organization)
AMISAgriculture Market Information Service (Pakistan government)
AMISAcquisition Management Information System
AMISArmy Management Information System
AMISAtari Message and Information System
AMISAccounting Management Information System
AMISAutomated Meteorological Information System
AMISAdvanced Management Information System
AMISAdvanced Meteorological Information System
AMISAutomated Maintenance Information System
AMISAir Movements Information Section
AMISAssignment Management Information System
AMISAirborne Measurement Instrument
AMISArmy Management Integration Subgroup
AMISAudio Matrix Intercom System
AMISApplication Modular Integrated Sensor
AMISAir Movement Identification Service
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Joint meeting of the Historical Keyboard Society of North America (HKSNA) and the American Musical Instrument Society (AMIS).
The 1996 meeting of the American Musical Instrument Society (AMIS) was held 15-19 May at the Shrine to Music Museum and Center for the Study of the History of Musical Instruments of the University of South Dakota, Vermillion.
Waterhouse would be and indeed is, the first to acknowledge that it could not have been achieved unaided, and an especial debt is owed to a committee of the American Musical Instrument Society, which provided much new information on the makers from that continent.
Rice's publication of the documents surrounding Anton Walter's appointment ("Anton Walter, Instrument Maker to Leopold II," Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society 15 [1989]: 32-51) is cited in Clinkscale's bibliography, this article and important information that it contains are not mentioned in her entry about the maker.
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