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ANAAnaheim (Amtrak station code; Anaheim, CA)
ANAAmerican Nurses Association
ANAAnaheim Angels (baseball team)
ANAAfghan National Army
ANAAll Nippon Airways (Japanese airline company & ICAO code)
ANAAmerican Numismatic Association
ANAA New Approach (womens clothing brand)
ANAaverage net assets
ANAAdministración Nacional de Aduanas (Spanish: National Customs Administration; Argentina)
ANAArmy and Navy Academy
ANAAssociation of National Advertisers
ANAAgencia Nacional de Aguas (Brazil)
ANAAntinuclear Antibody
ANAAlsace Nord Athlétisme (French: Northern Alsace Athletics; Alsace, France)
ANAAnnual National Assessment (South Africa)
ANAAdministration de la Navigation Aérienne (French: Administration of Air Navigation; Luxembourg)
ANAAssociation of Nigerian Authors
ANAAssociation of Naval Aviation
ANAActive Network Abstraction (Cisco)
ANAAthens News Agency
ANAAtkins Nutritional Approach (weight control)
ANAAssociazione Nazionale Alpini (Italy; National Organization of Mountain Police)
ANAAustralian Natives Association
ANAAutomatic Network Analyzer
ANAAmerican Neurological Association
ANAAdministration for Native Americans (US Government)
ANAAppraisers National Association
ANAArizona Newspapers Association
ANAActive Network Abstraction
ANAand with Accumulator
ANAa Non Acronym
ANAAdaptive Network Architecture
ANAAlliance for Nuclear Accountability
ANAAuthorised Neutral Athlete (Russian athletic category)
ANAAnticardiolipin Antibody
ANAAeroportos e Navegação Aérea (Portuguese Airports)
ANAAcoustic Neuroma Association
ANAAnguilla National Alliance
ANAAmerican Nutraceutical Association
ANAAmerican National Anthem
ANAArticle Number Association
ANAAntinuclear Antibodies Test
ANAAutomatic Number Announcement
ANAAnnual Needs Assessment
ANAAmerican Nyckelharpa Association
ANAAmerican Negro Academy
ANAArchives Network of Alberta (database)
ANAAssociation des Naturalistes de l'Ariège (French: Ariege Association of Naturalists; Ariege, France)
ANAActive Network Architecture
ANAAir Force/Navy/Army
ANAAsociacion Nuestros Ahijados (Antigua, Guatemala, Central America)
ANAAl-Noor Academy (Massachusetts)
ANAAverage Number of Ancestors
ANAAsociacion Nacional Automovilistica (Spanish: National Automobile Association; Mexico)
ANAAdvanced Nursing Assistant
ANAAlabama Nurserymen's Association
ANAAdvanced Network Analyst
ANAAdvanced Networks Applications
ANAAppropriated but Not Authorized (Army Budget)
ANAAdiabatic Nuclei Approximation
ANAAnother New Acronym
ANAAmazon Nation Alliance
ANAATC Network Administrator
ANAAutoshift Neutral Actuator
ANAAnne Noonan and Associates (Gatineau, QB, Canada)
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3, The American Negro Academy Occasional Papers 1-22 (New York: Arno Press and The New York Times, 1969), 3-4.
The e-journals included in this essay therefore evince degrees of continuity with the founding ideals of the American Negro Academy and they do so because of the people who have gone before us and cleared the way for hundreds and thousands of researchers of Africana and Pan African studies who continue to labor and to teach "vitalizing qualities in the changeless hopes of humanity.
A visionary, an unmistakable "seer", is the impression that Du Bois had of the elder scholar and when invited to speak at the first meeting of Crummel's American Negro Academy, Du Bois penned the framework of Afrocentric philosophy.
When Alexander Crummel inaugurated the American Negro Academy, he predicted that once people had a better understanding of the "grand conceptions of being," they would then apply their intellectual capital to humane utilization of property, money, station, office, and lineage for the creation of more advanced civilization.
Just as the American Negro Academy was an organization founded by and composed of black men, and republican oratory was a markedly male tradition, it is the men in Imperium who debate race politics and use their mastery of language to foist themselves into national institutions and apparatuses.
Unlike the supporters of the New Negro movement and the American Negro Academy, who advocated an emphasis on education and mental development as primary to (black) citizenship, power, and advancement, dominant white society constructed different markers of cultivation and power.
This was especially true of his participation in the American Negro Academy.
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61) Stein, The World of Marcus Garvey, 83; and Moss, The American Negro Academy, 276-277.
In this now famous piece, he confirmed what Alain Locke and other members of the American Negro Academy were advocating, that is, black people's history does not begin with slavery.
In 1915, Schomburg addressed again the American Negro Academy.
Despite his prominence in the affairs of numerous organizations, especially the American Negro Academy, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and both major political parties, Grimke never functioned as an "organization man" and insisted on his right, indeed his responsibility, to pursue the course he considered most eff-ective in combatting racial injustice.
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