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APKAndroid Package Kit (installation file)
APKAdmin Private Key
APKAmplitude Phase Keying
APKAlgemene Periodieke Keuring (Dutch)
APKAlex P. Keaton
APKAmerican Parkour (parkour and free running company and online community)
APKActivating Prior Knowledge (education)
APKAssociação Portuguesa de Kendo (Portueguese: Kendo Portuguese Association)
APKAlbion Portal Keep (Dark Age of Camelot MMORPG)
APKAssociação Portuguesa de Kyudo (Portuguese: Portuguese Association of Kyudo)
APKAmplitude Phase-Shift Keying
APKAdvanced Power Kit (Premier Drums)
APKAfrikaanse Protestante Kerk (Afrikaans Protestant Church)
APKAssociation pour la Promotion de l'Enseignement de la Construction en Acier (French: Association for the Advancement of Teaching of Steel Construction)
APKAntrasis Pasaulinis Karas (Lithuanian: The Second World War)
APKAuthenticated Public-Key (computer security)
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com)-- When Miriam Kenyon went looking for a new way to get DC's public school kids active and engaged, she found parkour and DC's American Parkour Academy (APK).
American Parkour recently attended the the SHAPE America (Society for Health and Physical Education Teachers) conference, Toorock says, "It was an amazing experience to have a large group of PE professionals immediately understand what we are doing and want to play on the obstacles.
The sport holds particular appeal among young men, but the demographic is expanding, according to Mark Toorock, founder of the American Parkour website, americanparkour.
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