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It represents a more-than-$40-million investment in our industry, and the mass plywood model and production standards are now certified by the American Plywood Association.
company to be certified by the American Plywood Association to produce CLT, the product is already in use in Canada and Europe.
Because Anthony-Domtar is pre-certifying the mill's product now with the American Plywood Association, the mill's product will initially be directed at the United States' market.
The four 1- by 3-inch samples cut from the panel remnants were tested for glueline shear following the American Plywood Association (APA) Us-Ps 1-83 Standard [1].
For more information about softwood plywood, visit the American Plywood Association's Web site at www.
The American Plywood Association (APA) of Tacoma, Washington, now called the Engineered Wood Association, tests and certifies wood products.
The Tacoma, Wash.-based group is an affiliate of the non-profit Engineered Wood Association (known in the industry's heyday as the American Plywood Association).
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