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APSRAustralian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories (Scholarly Technology Services; Australian National University; Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia)
APSRAmerican Political Science Review
APSRAccountable Property System of Record (US DoD)
APSRAsia Pacific Society of Respirology (Tokyo, Japan)
APSRAlabama Para Spiritual Research
APSRAxial Power Shaping Rod
APSRAssociation of Professionals for Spousal Re-Unification
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Democracy and the Peaceful Settlement of International Conflict", American Political Science Review, Cilt 88, No.
Andrew Stark noted, "It may be time for [political scientists] to do with the New Republic and the New York Review of Books what they are so justifiably proud of doing with the American Political Science Review and other peer-reviewed journals" (2002, 579).
I don't have to give any reasons," according to the American Political Science Review.
While rape is commonplace in some conflicts, it is virtually absent in others, she writes in the American Political Science Review.
4) Jack Citrin, "Comment: The Political Relevance of Trust in Government," American Political Science Review 68, no.
Davis, Otto, Hinich, Melvin, Ordeshook, Peter, "An Expository Development of a Mathematical Model of the Electoral Process", American Political Science Review, 1970, 64 (2), pp.
As this book observes, by the 1980s about one fifth of all of the articles in the American Political Science Review were based on formal modeling, typically involving rational-choice theory.
A new paper by the Columbia political scientists Jeffrey Lax and Justin Phillips, to be published in the American Political Science Review, indicates just how big that gap is.
The American Political Science Review in 1947 published an article arguing that the right to file a rulemaking petition under the APA's section 553(e) was of "doubtful value" and would lead to regulatory agencies being "swamped by frivolous requests having delay as their sole objective.
1974), "Comment: The Political Relevance of Trust in Government", The American Political Science Review, vol.
Mas de cuarenta anos despues de su primer enfrentamiento academico en las paginas de la American Political Science Review (11), Wolin ajusta cuentas con Strauss y por vez primera se detiene a estudiar su obra (pp.
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