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APYAnnual Percentage Yield
APYAnangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (Aboriginal lands; Australia)
APYAmerican Power Yoga (Texas)
APYAtelier Protégé des Yvelines (French: Protection Workshop of Yvelines; Yvelines, France)
APYAnglerfish Peptide YG (biochemistry)
APYAuxiliary Police of Ypsilanti (Ypsilanti, Michigan)
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com)-- MyReviewsNow is delighted to become an affiliate of the new APY60 yoga developed by Kurt Johnsen, the renowned yoga instructor and martial arts master who founded American Power Yoga.
They are also able to gain strength with 10 weeks of easy-to-follow American Power Yoga classes led by Johnsen.
American Power Yoga combines the best of Eastern and Western traditions and philosophies to offer easy poses that are fun, yet incredibly effective in whipping the body and mind into shape.
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