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In a pamphlet entitled Communist Interrogation, Indoctrination and Exploitation of Prisoners of War, the Army stated: "The exhaustive efforts of several government agencies failed to reveal even one conclusively documented case of actual 'brainwashing' of an American prisoner of war in Korea.
0110: The US has rescued American prisoner of war Army Private First Class Jessica Lynch, aged 19, of Palestine, West Virginia.
What conspired against him so that, according to the author, he may have languished somewhere in the bowels of an Iraqi prison longer than any other American prisoner of war (POW)?
Hundreds joined the debate after Colonel James Hughes, who was tortured as an American prisoner of war in Vietnam, called for the US to "ease up" on the 158 detainees in Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay.
The boxcar, donated by the French National Railroad Company and the American Prisoner of War Association, will be used to complete a POW display at the museum.
It can't happen her& After the Sontay raid failed to discover a single American prisoner of war, much less rescue one, Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird went to the White House.
His first work, a novella called Shiiku (1958; translated as The Catch in the Shadow of the Sunrise, 1966), describes the friendship between a Japanese boy and a black American prisoner of war.
Bowe Bergdahl was the only American prisoner of war held by the Taliban.
He was past commander of the Massachusetts American Prisoner of War Association.
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