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APWAAmerican Public Works Association
APWAAmerican Public Welfare Association
APWAAll Pakistan Women's Association
APWAAssociation of Parcel Workers of America
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The American Public Welfare Association estimated a total of 407,000 children received foster care (see definition in box) in 1990 (Toshio, 1990).
The Washington-based American Public Welfare Association says that 40 percent of all children awaiting placement in adoptive homes are black, though blacks represent only about 12.
Through the American Public Welfare Association, state welfare commissioners have unveiled a time-limits proposal that builds on the current JOBS program and requires the federal government to provide 90 percent of the funds for reform.
Fraser was joined by representatives of the National Conference of State Legislatures, National Association of Counties, National Governors Association and American Public Welfare Association in urging that welfare reform be broadly defined to attack the cycle of poverty.
In 1986, Ronald Reagan was president of the United States, Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas and I was the deputy director at the American Public Welfare Association, the predecessor of the American Public Human Services Association.
In 1994, the American Public Welfare Association (APWA) unveiled a bipartisan plan for reforming the welfare system, Responsibility, Work, Pride: The Values of Welfare Reform.
Throughout this period, members of the American Public Welfare Association (APWA) were major players on the field of public human service policy.
The American Public Welfare Association (APWA) began to emerge in a role that it maintains today--chief liaison between federal agencies and states.
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