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Led by the American Railway Union under Eugene Debs, 4,000 Pullman workers went on strike May 22, 1894.
In sympathy, the 150,000 members of the newly founded American Railway Union went on strike.
Thirty-five per cent of Pullman workers were represented by the American Railway Union at the time of the strike.
Debs's American Railway Union, organized in 1893, sought to create a counterbalance to the railroads, which had recently confirmed their corporate personhood status in the landmark Supreme Court case of Santa Clara County v.
Academics have generally preferred the Knights of Labor, Eugene Debs's American Railway Union (formed after he split with the firemen's brotherhood over its exclusivism), and the Industrial Workers of the World, all of which struggled with the brotherhoods for organizational supremacy in the running trades and failed.
Debs' American Railway Union. The ARU excluded blacks as well, and black workers formed an "Anti-Striker Railway Union" and helped break the strike.
The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 was designed to eliminate monopolistic practices of the American Railway Union, the American Tobacco Company and the Norton Securities Trust.
The first references to "Mother" Jones appeared in the Chicago papers in June 1897 during the American Railway Union's convention, where she spoke.
That strike broadened into a boycott of Pullman sleeping cars because more than a third of Pullman workers belonged to Debs's American Railway Union (ARU), which, in turn, brought the ARU into conflict with the railroads' General Managers' Association.
At times uneven, but never dull, the collection captures the spirit of a gigantic struggle pitting railroad owners against the American Railway Union. The editors point out that unlike earlier studies of the conflict "these essays [will] resituate the strike in its historical context" (p.
The collapse of the Knights of Labor after the Haymarket Affair of 1886 and the failure of the American Railway Union in the Pullman strike of 1894 cleared the way for the American Federation of Labor by discrediting industrial unions campaigning for radical political change.
In 1894, not yet a socialist but an organizer for the American Railway Union, he had led a nationwide boycott of the railroads in support of the striking workers at the Pullman Palace Car Company.
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