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AQAdventure Quest (online game)
AQAir Quality
AQl'Aquila (Italy)
AQAdvanced Queuing (trademark of Oracle)
AQAntarctica (top level domain name)
AQAmerican Samoa
AQAnthraquinone (chemical compound)
AQAquinas College
AQAl-Qaida (terrorist group)
AQAqua (blue-green color)
AQAhn'qiraj (gaming instance, World of Warcraft)
AQAloha Airlines
AQAutomatic Qualifying (sports)
AQAnnual Quantity (UK; gas production)
AQAmerican Quarterly (American Studies Association Journal)
AQAphasia Quotient (language impairment measurement)
AQAssurance Qualité (French: Quality Assurance)
AQAs Quoted (market price)
AQAccomplishment Quotient (measurement)
AQAminoquinoline (chemistry)
AQAction Quake (gaming team)
AQAircraft Quality (steel)
AQAlliance Quebec (Canadian English Rights Lobby Group)
AQAchievement Quotient
AQApplication Question
AQAnnual Questionnaire
AQArchitectural Quality
AQAcoustic Quantification
AQAccumulator-Quotient Register
AQAcquisitions Directorate (USAF)
AQAccess Queue
AQAllowance Quantity
AQ(USN Rating) Aviation Fire Control Technician
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DHS continues to work with American Samoa on what actions it can take to receive a new extension.
national parks south of the equator: the National Park of American Samoa
The public affairs section worked with the Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP) to communicate about AIMAG on a number of its social media accounts, showcasing the athletes from American Samoa and Guam and providing information on medal counts and road closures.
The calculation of an end date for local Zika virus transmission in American Samoa relied solely on rRT-PCR as evidence of recent Zika infection.
It is hoped that an improved electronic link between American Samoa and the rest of the world will allow for the development of new opportunities for e-commerce, informational technology-based enterprises, educational and workforce development initiatives, medical research and other broadband-based initiatives, according to the American Samoa Economic Development Implementation Plan.
The airline is the only major carrier to serve American Samoa.
He relocated to the US and was no longer in his national side but still spent hours on his Xbox, playing American Samoa versus Australia on a footie game in a bid to exorcise his demons.
ICS has ULDs on every flight into American Samoa, a U.
American Samoa must also adopt a plan to correct policies and practices as part of the settlement.
Leilani Curry, a member of the Samoa Chamber of Commerce, said she flew to American Samoa in April, when the policy was first enacted, which helped her realize she ought to lose weight.
In 2010, blood samples were collected in American Samoa primarily for a leptospirosis seroprevalence study.
This paper reports a food production system found in the interior of Olosega Island, one of three islands within the Manu'a group of American Samoa.
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