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AMSATAmateur Radio Satellite
AMSATRadio Amateur Satellite Corporation
AMSATAmerican Society for the Alexander Technique (alternative medicine)
AMSATAmerican Satellite
AMSATAustralian Marine Science and Technology Ltd
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American satellite radio company SIRIUS XM Radio (Nasdaq:SIRI) announced on Friday its free application for Android-powered smartphones.
The first American satellite, Explorer 1, was launched into orbit in which year: 1952 or 1958?
American satellite radio company SIRIUS XM Radio (Nasdaq:SIRI) announced on Friday that a free application for Android-powered smartphones will be available in May 2010.
GOLF: Scots Jimmy Gunn (Dornoch) and Russell Knox (Inverness) return to action this week on the leading American satellite tours after the festive break.
There is no American satellite photography indicating that the area bombed was a nuclear site.
opened its sixth North American satellite ground station or gateway.
Which American satellite was the first to send back pictures from the moon?
So this must be the beginning of the American Satellite Radio Rebellion.
The collection includes every retired American spacecraft that flew humans and returned safely to Earth; every spacesuit used to walk on the moon and backups or engineering models of nearly every major American satellite or probe.
In the second edition of La Mediterranee et le monde mediterraneen a l'epoque de Philippe II (1966) he published two photographs taken in 1964 from an American satellite, Nimbus A, showing a large expanse of the Mediterranean that offered direct evidence for the first time that Italy is really shaped like a boot.
We in the Arab world are slightly better off than most Americans because we can see and hear both sides, given the easy availability of American satellite channels throughout this region; most-Americans do not have easy access to Arab television reports and, even if they did, they would need to know Arabic to grasp the full picture.
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