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AMSCIAmerican Scientist
AMSCIAdvanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (trade)
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present this anthology of articles regarding animal behavior, collected from the magazine American Scientist.
But another American scientist who met Pomerantsev and Staritsin at a conference last August in Taos, New Mexico, mentions that their latest research abstract takes their earlier genetic engineering research a step further.
Arthur Victor Tobolsky, American scientist, scholar and teacher, who demonstrated the power of stress relaxation experiments to elucidate chemical changes in rubber networks, and who explored the far reaches of polymer chemistry and physics, particularly polymerization and the equation of state for rubber elasticity.
As the war ended, Lardner and his fellow Red, Albert Maltz, had prepared a great script for a spy drama about an American scientist who realizes in the end that no country should control the secrets of the A-bomb.
AN American scientist has had to call off an expedition to find the Loch Ness monster after his team deserted him and cash ran out.
In an article in the January-February 1999 issue of American Scientist, Mielke wrote, "Over 50 percent (some studies place this figure at around 70 percent) of children living in the inner cities of New Orleans and Philadelphia have blood lead levels above the current guideline of 10 micrograms per deciliter.
Some periodical titles accepted are: Atlantic, American Scholar, American Scientist, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Cell, Discover, Economist, Foreign Affairs, The Nation, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Science, Scientific American and Smithsonian.
1995: An American scientist became the first astronaut to hitch a ride into space aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket.
For the past 17 years, Fernie has documented the adventures, struggles, and follies of a wide range of astronomers ill his column "Marginalia" in American Scientist magazine.
The American scientist, guest of honour at the University of Limerick Science Festival, said he would like more people to "see this beautiful planet from above".
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