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To this end, the book succeeds admirably along the lines of other celebrated alternative histories such as Howard Zinn's, A People's History of the United States, (New York: Harper and Row, 1980) or the American Social History Project, Who Built America?
President Roosevelt and his cabinet officers received hundreds of letters that registered African Americans' complaints about discrimination in relief offices and portrayed their despair over not being able to obtain work (American Social History Project, 1992).
Mentors from CUNY's Center for Media and Learning American Social History Project Graduate Center work closely with teachers to help them integrate social history scholarship and methodologies into their lessons.
Although not technically second editions, the volumes under review are based on the original Who Built America series sponsored by the American Social History Project and authored by Bruce Levine, Stephen Brier, David Brundage, Edward Countryman, Dorothy Fennell, and Marcus Rediker (volume one) and by Joshua Freeman, Nelson Lichtenstein, Stephen Brier, David Bensman, Susan Porter Benson, David Brundage, Bret Eynon, Bruce Levine, and Bryan Palmer (volume two), published in 1989.
While subsequently adapting the British "workshop" method to a Massachusetts setting, Green also drew close to what became the American Social History Project under Herbert Gutman as well as the Southern Oral History Program, directed by Jacquelyn Hall at Chapel Hill.
The American Social History Project was founded by Gutman and Stephen Brier in 1981 in response both to these balkanizing trends and to the fact that most historical writing had become inaccessible to nonspecialist readers.
Finally, the American Social History Project at the City University of New York is producing some excellent labor history curriculum materials for high schools and colleges.
The answers provided by our interlocutors vary, revealing much about themselves, as well as about Thompson, whose images appear in our pages courtesy of a creative artistic talent and imaginative historian, Joshua Brown, Executive Director of the innovative American Social History Project. Both the substance and significance of The Making of the English Working Class and the contested nature of writing history in our times are highlighted in the short essays of the following roundtable discussion.
The disk is organized around four chapters from a survey book on American history that the American Social History Project published in 1992.(9) Added to that "spine" are a series of 200 "excursions" that allow you to explore a variety of topics - from the invention of the crossword puzzle to the sinking of the Maine - in greater depth.
To that end, he sponsored the American Social History Project at the Graduate Center, which has been producing films, slide shows and a textbook that puts working-class Americans at the center of our history.
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