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ASIPAgence des Systèmes d'Information Partagés de Santé (French: Agency for Shared Health Information Systems)
ASIPAmerican Society for Investigative Pathology
ASIPApplication Specific Instruction Set Processor
ASIPAsociación Internacional de Presupuesto Público (Spanish: Public Budget International Association; Argentina)
ASIPApprenticeship and Skill Improvement Program (union program)
ASIPAircraft Structural Integrity Program
ASIPAirborne Signals Intelligence Payload
ASIPAir-Sea Interaction Profiler
ASIPAdvanced System Improvement Program
ASIPArrow System Improvement Program (US DoD)
ASIPApplication Specific Integrated Photonics (est. 2000)
ASIPAmerican Society for Industrial Security
ASIPAmerican Society of Illustrators Partnership
ASIPAction-Specific Implementation Plan
ASIPAirframe Structural Integrity Program
ASIPAssociate of the UK Society of Investment Professionals (now CFA Society of the UK)
ASIPArizona School Improvement Plan
ASIPArmy Stationing & Installation Plan
ASIPAgouti Signaling Peptide (gene)
ASIPAdvanced Signals Intelligence Program (intelligence collection)
ASIPAlgorithm-Specific Instruction Set Processor
ASIPAll-Source Imagery Processing System (USMC)
ASIPAdvanced SINCGARS Improvement Program
ASIPAdvanced System Improvement Plan
ASIPAlliance Supplier Improvement Program (Nissan and Renault)
ASIPAntarctic Site Inventory Project
ASIPAppleshare Internet Protocol (Apple Computers Server software)
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Tsongalis has received numerous awards for his early contributions to this new laboratory science, including a Merit Award from the American Society for Investigative Pathology (1993), ACLPS Young Investigator Award (1994), NACB George Grannis Award (1995), ACS Young Scientist Award (1996), and the first IFCC-AVL National Award for Significant Advances in Critical Care Testing (1996) that was based on a molecular application.
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