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The American Society of Church History (ASCH) and the Ecclesiastical History Society (EHS) in Britain will hold a joint conference entitled "Migration and Mission in Christian History" in Oxford, England, April 3-5, 2014.
Looking back 120 years, a quick review of the first issue of the Papers of the American Society of Church History in fact discovers articles that seem to have anticipated these later editorial intentions, for example: Philip Schaff's "The Progress of Religious Freedom as Shown in the History of Toleration Acts," Henry Charles Lea's "Indulgences in Spain," Ernest Gushing Richardson's "The Influence of the Golden Legend on Pre-Reformation Culture History," and Samuel Macauley Jackson's "The Need of a Complete Missionary History in English.
Schaff, grandson of the founder of the American Society of Church History.
These results support--and extend--Jan Shipps's observation in 1990 that "the American Society of Church History continues to be a professional organization primarily devoted to serving the academy and, to a much lesser extent, the ministry" (see Affiliation of Academic Institutions chart).
The American Society of Church History is in the midst of many changes.
A meeting of the Council of the American Society of Church History was called to order at 4:15 p.
In his presidential address to the American Society of Church History in 1920, Robert Hastings Nichols observed that he had discovered, in his reading of previous addresses, "no mention of the reading of a paper dealing with what is the occupation of almost half of our members, the teaching of Church History," or, as he preferred to call it, the teaching of "Christianity in History.
The theme was "the study of the history of Christianity at the turn of the twenty-first century," and the aim was to give the editors of the journal a sense of how Church History might improve its service to the profession and to the members of the American Society of Church History.
The division of academic labor between the two institutions that converged to produce this session, the American Society of Church History and the North American Religions section of the American Academy of Religion, whose memberships overlap considerably but whose characteristic "takes" on the enterprise differ in perceptible ways, is indicative of the methodological pluralism and porosity of intellectual boundaries that have come to characterize the enterprise during the past two or three decades.
MEETING of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CHURCH HISTORY 29-31 March 2001 All sessions are at the Omni Hotel unless otherwise noted THURSDAY, MARCH 29 1:00-3:00 P.
The annual business meeting of the American Society of Church History was held in the Gardner Room of the Sheraton Boston Hotel in Boston, Mass.
The petition shall include the name of the proposed interest group, a statement of purpose, the particular area to be stimulated and developed, bylaws or some other statement of organization (including provisions for the selection of officers), and a statement of how formation of this interest group will benefit the American Society of Church History.
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