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ASTPApollo Soyuz Test Project
ASTPArmy Specialized Training Program
ASTPAdvanced Space Transportation Program (NASA)
ASTPAssociation of European Science & Technology Transfer Professionals
ASTPAmerican Society of Transplant Physicians
ASTPAfter School Tutoring Program (various organizations)
ASTPAsia Science and Technology Portal (Japan Science and Technology Agency)
ASTPAdvanced Space Technology Program (DARPA)
ASTPAdvanced Sensor Technology Program
ASTPAdvanced Systems Technology Program (NASA)
ASTPasked to see patient
ASTPArsenal Ship Training Plan
ASTPAdvanced Satellite Technology Program
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"In recent months, the ASTS has been engaged in discussions with the American Society of Transplant Physicians in an effort to reach agreement on how best to achieve this goal.
Despite increasing pressure from some members of the transplant communityfor UNOS and HHS to resolved their differences, most notably from the American Society of Transplant Physicians, this week's developments assure that the struggle for control over who sets nation's organ allocation policies will continue to be very contentious and very public.
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