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AMSCOAfrican Management Services Company
AMSCOAmerican Sterilizer Company (Mentor, OH)
AMSCOArmy Management Structure Code
AMSCOAutomotive Manufacturing and Supply Company (Hauppauge, NY)
AMSCOAmerican Manganese Steel Company
AMSCOAcquisition Management Systems Control Officer
AMSCOAluminum Manufacturing and Supply Company (Salt Lake City, UT)
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US Patent 8,921,295 B2; American Sterilizer Company, Mentor, OH, has patented a concentrated neutral detergent composition that is comprised of one or more nonionic surfactants, comprising a primary or a secondary alcohol ethoxylate, an alcohol alkoxylate other than said ethoxylate, an aromatic ethoxylate, a modified ethoxylate, or a block polymer of propylene oxide and ethylene oxide, or any combination thereof; one or more hydrotropes comprising an amine oxide, or a glucoside, or both; one or more chelants; a buffer comprising one or more alcohol amines, or one or more organic acids, or any combination thereof; one or more corrosion inhibitors comprising an amine, amidazole, diazole, triazole, carboxylic acid, or any combination thereof; and water.
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