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ASEXAmerican Stock EXchange
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Now listed on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX:HTI), the company has been able to tap into the capital markets to fund the therapies and drug processes it's developing for the treatment of cancer, infertility and eye diseases.
"This completes the first step of our journey to a major exchange and once we have received SEC approval on the next stage, a process which can take up to several months, we will apply to the American Stock Exchange," said Evader managing director Brent Nelson.
If you walk along the narrow passages between Broadway and West Street in Lower Manhattan, a petrified slice of New York's past emerges: There are the few remaining low-slung Civil War-era buildings snuggled between the Art Deco-influenced skyscrapers erected in the years following the construction of the American Stock Exchange in 1921.
is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol LOR, and on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol LRP.
The American Stock Exchange's Airline Index rebounded from a sharp downturn on Oct.
Newark, DE-based O2Diesel Corporation, "a leading provider of ethanol-diesel technologies," recently announced that its common stock has begun trading on the American Stock Exchange.
Proterion, a maker of optical-based instruments for protein and biomolecular characterization, has voluntarily delisted from the American Stock Exchange, citing costs, allocation of resources, a small number of stockholders, low trading volume and the resignation of three independent members of the Board of Directors.
The new corporation will operate as The Washtenaw Group and trade on the American Stock Exchange (Amex) under the symbol TWX.
30, 2002, registered national exchanges include the American Stock Exchange, Boston Stock Exchange, Cincinnati Stock Exchange, Chicago Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, Philadelphia Stock Exchange and the Pacific Exchange, Inc.
Like many Americans, I was devastated when news got out that the American Stock Exchange was up for sale.
has begun proceedings to voluntarily delist its securities from the American Stock Exchange.
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