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If Caribbean trade develops at even half the growth of our exports to Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement, we will see major increases in our fabric and yarn shipments to the Caribbean," says American Textile Manufacturers Institute President Roger Chastain, who says U.
The American Textile History Museum, based here, is preparing to display its comprehensive collections online.
But the American textiles industry, including home textiles producers, knew exactly what was going to happen.
Like countless other textiles industry outsiders -- from David Murdock in the 1980s, who took over Cannon Mills, to David Stockman, who is now a significant owner of privately held Springs Industries -- Ross sees potential in the American textiles industry that warrants his aggressive posturing.
That the American textiles industry should meet with this fate is pretty remarkable.
The steel lobby's bar bill is probably bigger than the total annual budgets of the American Textiles Manufacturers Institute or the American Furniture Manufacturers Association combined.
government of granting Pakistan tariff cuts that would unduly harm American textiles manufacturers and workers.
One of the best ways a North American company can delve into this market is to form a joint venture with a Latin American textiles company, Farrell said.
economic downturn and accompanying dollar devaluation have set the stage for American textiles makers to gain back some lost ground.
The American Textiles Manufacturers Institute (ATMI) and the Home Fashion Product Association (HFPA) opposed the bill, which requires that bedding products meet a "resistant to open flame" standard if the California Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation concludes that they contribute to mattress fires.
Linwood Wright III, chairman of the American Textiles Manufacturers Institute (ATMI) bed and bath subcommittee and vice president of quality, service and development at Dan River Inc.
By narrowing their assortments and focusing on ever-larger customers who needed longer and longer product runs, American textiles mills became among the most cost-efficient in the world.
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