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ATSPAsymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem
ATSPAssociation of Telemedicine Service Providers
ATSPAmerican Tree Sparrow
ATSPAir Traffic Service Provider (FAA term for all disciplines of air traffic controllers)
ATSPAdvanced Technology Support Program (precompeted umbrella contracting vehicle)
ATSPAutomated Temperature Selection Procedure (rivers; California)
ATSPADTRAN Technical Support Professional
ATSPAssociazione Treni Storici Puglia (Association of Historical Trains in Puglia; Taranto, Italy)
ATSPAsked to See Patient
ATSPAcademic Technology Support Personnel
ATSPAgreed To Strategy & Plan (insurance providers and litigators)
ATSPAssociation pour la Promotion des Soins Palliatifs (French: Association for Promotion of Palliative Care)
ATSPAdvanced Tactical Supervisor's Panel
ATSPApplications Telecommunications Service Provider (IPX)
ATSPAll Things Steve Perry (fan forum)
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Because American tree sparrows store relatively low amounts of fat during winter (Stuebe and Ketterson, 1982), the close juxtaposition of feeding and roosting cover in CRP fields probably creates high quality winter habitat.
Three species (Lapland longspur, American tree sparrow, and savannah sparrow) showed significant interactions (F > 2.
Control plots showed significantly higher densities of hoary redpolls (Carduelis hornemanni) and American tree sparrows in 1996 and 1999 (F > 4.
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