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ATHSApplied Technology High School (United Arab Emirates)
ATHSAmerican Truck Historical Society
ATHSAtherosclerosis Susceptibility
ATHSAmerican Technology Honor Society
ATHSAirborne Target Handover System (US DoD)
ATHSAutomatic Target Handoff System
ATHSArsenal Technical High School (Indiana)
ATHSAddison Trail High School (Addison, IL)
ATHSAthena High School (New York)
ATHSAdelaide Technical High School (South Australia)
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His interest in trucks started back in 1991, when he stumbled upon the national convention of the American Truck Historical Society in Marlboro.
The event played host to an enormous Allis-Chalmers feature, the Classic Farm Tractors Calendar Reunion, American Truck Historical Society Show, two Smithsonian exhibits and a Cushman scooter display.
He was proud of his antique trucks and belonged to the New England Chapter of American Truck Historical Society.
Saturday: steam engines; Indian motorcycles, Saturday and Sunday; Lorain County Vintage Motor Scooter Club, cars, trucks, antique tractor pull on Sunday; sawmill, threshing, shingle mill, models, toy show, Lorain County Wood Carvers, Commodore Perry Chapter of the Antique Automobile Club of America, American Truck Historical Society, flea market, food and more.
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